Employee Engagement Survey Form

1. Do you feel like you have the resources you need to do your job effectively?

2. How often do you receive feedback from your supervisor?

3. How valued do you feel by your supervisor and the company?

4. Do you feel that your workload is manageable?

5. How satisfied are you with your current level of communication with your coworkers?

6. Do you feel that you have opportunities for growth and development within the company?

7. How satisfied are you with the overall culture of the company?

8. Do you feel that your job is meaningful and contributes to the company's goals?

9. How well does the company support employee well-being and mental health?

10. How often do you feel recognized for your contributions?

11. Do you feel comfortable speaking up and sharing your ideas with your supervisor and coworkers?

12. How satisfied are you with the level of work-life balance that your job provides?

13. How often do you feel stressed or overwhelmed at work?

14. Overall, how do you feel as an employee in this organization?

15. Please share some suggestions of what the organization can do to make you feel better about working here.