Market Research in Brand Awareness Survey Form

1. What is the first brand you think of when thinking of PRODUCT?

2.When thinking of buying PRODUCT, which comes to mind as your top choice?

3. When it comes to buying PRODUCT, are you the main decision maker in the house?

4. How favorably do you think of OUR COMPANY?

5.Please explain your rating.

6. Which of the following ad campaigns have you seen or heard from [brand name]?

7. Have you seen X advertised in the last month?

8. How likely are you to consider purchasing from [brand name] in the future?

9. How likely are you to recommend [brand name] to a friend or colleague?

10. How often do you use our product?

11. Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience with our Product?

12.What, if anything would you think could improve your view on PRODUCT in general?